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Danish with Mediterranean soul

Discover his story
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Eric Vökel. Denmark, 1968.

Architect and Designer.

Born in Copenhagen, architecture and design are his life. He regularly works with major Nordic design studios and during one of his trips stopped off in Barcelona: he was captivated by its architecture, culture and Mediterranean colour.

...captivated by Mediterranean culture

The impact this city had on him was so strong that he decided to stay and bring to life his latest project:

Eric Vökel Boutique Apartments.


Each of the apartments has been personally designed and decorated by Eric, in a style that is a unique mix of functionality and the beauty of Nordic Design with all the creativity and spontaneity of Mediterranean design.

His passion, travelling

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Eric combines his work with his other great passion: travelling.

He has travelled around the five continents and has always been especially attracted to big cities, their streets, their people, their culture…

That’s why he wants his guests to enjoy their trips in exactly the same passionate way.

Cosmopolitan and unrepentant traveler, after starting his project in Barcelona, opens two buildings in Madrid, one in Amsterdam and this year his latest project in Hamburg... and who knows what other destination he will surprise us with next?!

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